At EcoElm we make beautiful pieces for home and garden
from mature English elm.


We also make bespoke pieces to order – call us on 01323 870139 to find out more.

East Sussex now contains the only population of mature English elms in the world. Amazingly, thanks to the enforcement of a control zone and the
felling of diseased trees, there are now more elms in East Sussex than before Dutch Elm Disease arrived in the early 1970s.


Some years ago, I was restoring on old house in Berwick, not far from Lewes.
In the garden were a number of elm trees which were showing signs of Dutch Elm Disease. The trees had to be felled but I managed to save the timber – and each tree provides a lot of timber. With the bark removed the trunks were sawn into planks. These trunks were then stored in controlled conditions so that now, after several years of natural seasoning, the wood is ready to be used.


So now, At EcoElm we are making beautiful pieces for homes and gardens from this wonderful wood. By carefully selecting the timber we use, and by
finishing each piece by hand, we enhance the beauty of our English Elm